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Welcome to our chemistry section. Here you will find lots of topics to interest you.
In case you cannot find a topic of your interest or cannot understand a topic listed here please do use our Reference Forums.

  List Of Topics

The Periodic Table Hot Topic
Now you can access information about all the elements by clicking on them in the periodic table. A really cool and interactive feature.

Atmosphere is a mixture of gases surrounding any celestial object for example Earth.

Basics Of Chemistry
The key to understanding any subjecty is to master the Basics. Here is a page that deals in doing exactly so.
The decomposition of a chemical substance by the passage of an electric current. Electrolysis finds its use in many places.
Gases And Gas Laws
Gas equations follow certain laws and principles such as Gay Lussac's , Avagadro's Law etc.
Study of Chemistry is based on atoms and their structures. Charged atoms form ions.

A Tribute to Sir John Dalton - The greatest chemist of this age.

Dalton, John (1766-1844), an English chemist, formulated the law of partial pressures in gases in 1802. The law states that for an ideal gas the total pressure of a confined gas mixture equals the sum of the pressures each gas would exert alone in the same volume. In 1803, Dalton proposed an atomic theory of matter that became one of the foundations of chemistry. From this theory, Dalton determined chemical formulas that showed the atomic composition of molecules. Dalton made the first, although inaccurate, table of atomic weights. He also investigated colour blindness (called Daltonism), which he had.

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