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Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy is very important to us. Since this website mainly caters to kids and teens , we have to maintain high levels of privacy for our viewers. Below is our privacy policy. Any questions, comments, doubts of violation etc. can be sent to us through our
contact page.

What information we collect ?

Without your knowledge we do not collect any material from your computer, ourselves . However we do use third party software(mentioned below) which do send cookies into your computer . These cookies are not for retrieving info from your computer but are just used to track our visitors and their statistics like browser , screen resolution etc. In any case no information is transmitted from this website to any third party.

When you use our contact page or as the matter may be any other form on this website then your email address is stored for further correspondence with you. We are strictly against spamming and you will never receive any emails from us if you inform us to discontinue our mails to you. In the event that you do not tell us to stop contacting you , we will be sending you periodic mails on new pages released by this website.

We will never give out your email addresses to any third party so please feel free to use our forms.
We also offer user authentic services like email and reference r\forums. Never give out your password in emails. We shall never ask you for your password in emails or chat conversations. Your privacy is in your hand.

In an unwanted mishap such as a hacking attack on our servers we wll not be responsible for any loss of data. The correctness of the internal details mentioned on this site are resting with the webmaster and we do not guarantee that our services are error free and do not contain any mistakes. A high level of editing is done but still there may be some possibilities of wrong information.

This is not a legal contract.

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