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Dictionary Of Computer Abbreviations

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TAB Tape Automated Bonding
TACS Total Access Communication System
TAD Telephone Answering Device
TAG Technical Advisory Group
TAL Typed Assembly Language
TALOSS Three-Dimensional Advanced Localization
Observation Submarine Software
TAO Track At Once
TAP Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol
TAPCIS The Access Program for the CompuServe
Information Service
TAPI Telephony Applications Programming Interface
.tar Tape Archive (archived file name extension) [Unix]
.tar.Z Compressed Archived files (file name extension) [Unix]
TAS Telephone Access Server + Total Access System
TASM Turbo Assembler [Borland]
TAXI Transparent Asynchronous Transceiver/Receiver Interface
TB Terabyte (1,024 gigabytes)
(One Thousand Billion characters of information)
T/B Top and Bottom
TBBS The Bread Board System (BBS)
TBGA Tape Ball Grid Array
.TBK Toolbook (file name extension)
TBU Tape Backup Unit
TC Test Control + Transmission Control
TCL Tool Command Language
TCM Trellis-Coded Modulation
TCO Total Cost of Ownership
TCP Tape-Carrier Package
TCPA Trusted Computing Platform Alliance [Intel]
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCT Terminal Control Table
TD Transmit Data
.TDA To Do Archive (file name extension) [Palm]
TDC Tabular Data Control
TDD Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
TDtoDP Tablet Coordinates to Display Coordinates
TDE Terminal Display Editor
.TDF Trace Definition File (file name extension) [OS/2] +
Typeface Definition File (file name extension)
TDI Transport Device Interface
TDM Technical Document Management +
Time Division Multiplexing
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDMS Terminal Display Management System
TDP Tag Distribution Protocol [Cisco] +
Telelocator Data Protocol
TDSR Transmitter Data Service Request
TDR Time Domain Reflectometry
TE/2 Terminal Emulator/2 [Oberon]
TEB Thread Environment Block
TEC Tokyo Electronics Corporation
TED Tiny Editor + Transient Electromagnetic Device
TEI Terminal Endpoint Identifier
TELCO Telephone Company
TEML Turbo Editor Macro Language [Borland]
TEMP Temporary
TER Thermal Eclipse Reading [Sony]
TERMPWR Terminator Power
TFDD Text File Device Driver
TFEL Thin-Film Electroluminescent
.TFM Tagged Font Metric (file name extension)
TFT Thin-Film Transistor (screens)
TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol
.TGA Targa Bitmap (file name extension)
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
.THD Thread (file name extension)
THINNET Thin Ethernet
THOMAS The (U.S.) House (of Representatives) Open Multimedia
Access System
THOR Tandy High-Performance Optical Recording
THR Transmit Holding Register
.THS Thesaurus (file name extension)
TI Texas Instruments, Inc.
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association +
The Internet Adapter [Internet]
TIB Tag Information Base
TID Target ID
TIES Time Independent Escape Sequence
.TIF Tagged Image File (filename extension)
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TIGA Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TIGER Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding
and Referencing
TIIAP Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure
Assistance Program [NII]
TIL Tech Info Library [Macintosh]
TIM Technical Information Memo [Compaq]
TIMEZONES - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - GMT Offsets
Offsets Eastward from GMT (+)
Offsets Westward from GMT (-)
AST - Atlantic Standard Time -4:00
AT - Azores Time -2:00
AHD - Alaska-Hawaii Daylight :::
AHS - Alaska-Hawaii Standard -10:00
BLT - Baghdad Local Time +3:00
BST - British Summer Time :::
CAT - Central Alaska Time -10:00
CCT - China Coast Time +8:00
CDT - Central Daylight Time :::
CET - Central European Time +1:00
CLT - Cairo Local Time +2:00
CST - Central Standard Time -6:00
EAD - East Australian Daylight :::
EAS - East Australian Standard +10:00
EDT - Eastern Daylight Time :::
EET - Eastern European Time +1:00
EMT - Eastern Mediterranean +2:00
EST - Eastern Standard Time -5:00
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time +0:00
HST - Hawaii Standard Time -10:00
JST - Japanese Standard Time +9:00
MDT - Mountain Daylight Time :::
MET - Middle European Time +1:00
MST - Mountain Standard Time -7:00
MTS - Moscow Time Standard +3:00
MTD - Moscow Time Daylight :::
NT - Nome Time -11:00
NZT - New Zealand Time +12:00
PDT - Pacific Daylight Time :::
PST - Pacific Standard Time -8:00
PST - Pakistan Standard Time +5:00
WAS - West Australian Standard +7:00
WAT - West African Time -1:00
WED - Western Europe Daylight :::
WES - Western Europe Standard +0:00
YDT - Yukon Daylight Time :::
YST - Yukon Standard Time -9:00
IDLE- International Date Line East +12:00
IDLW- International Date Line West -12:00
TIMI Technology Independent Machine Interface [IBM]
TIMS Text Information Management Systems
TINA Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture
TIP Terminal Interface Processor +
Transaction Internet Protocol
TITOFET Tunneling-In, Tunneling-Out Field Effect Transistor
TK/TK Track to Track
TLA Three-Letter Acronym
TLB Translation Lookaside Buffer
.TLB Table (file name extension)
TLD Top Level Domain (name)
TLI Transport Layer Interface
TLS Thread Local Storage [Microsoft] +
Transport Layer Security
TLU Table Lookup
.TLX Telex (file name extension)
TM Trademark
TMDS Transition Minimized Differential Signaling
.TML Template (file name extension)
TMP Temporary
TMS Traffic Management System [BA]
TN Twisted Nematic
TNC Terminal Node Controller
TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNO The Netherlands Organization
TOC Table Of Contents
TOD Time Of Day
TOF Tiny Open Firmware
TOP Technical and Office Protocol
TOS Terms Of Service
TPC Transaction-Processing Performance Council
TPF Transactions Processing Facility [IBM]
TPI Tracks Per Inch
TPL Table Producing Language +
Transaction Processing Language
TPM Transactions Per Minute
TPORT Twisted Pair Port Transceiver [AT&T]
TP-PMD Twisted Pair-Physical Medium Dependent (cable)
TPS Transactions Per Second +
Transaction Processing System
TPW Turbo Pascal for Windows
TQFP Thin Quad Flat Pack
TQM Total Quality Management
TR Terminal Ready
T/R Transmit/Receive
TRACERT Trace Route [Microsoft]
TRADIC * Transistorized Airborne Digital Computer
(Name of first computer to be entirely
.TRM Terminal (file name extension)
TRN Threaded Read News [Internet] + Token Ring Network
TRON The Real-Time Operating System Nucleus
TS Top Secret
TSA Target Service Agent + Technical Support Alliance +
Telephony Services Architecture
TSAPI Telephony Services Application Program
Interface [AT&T + Novell]
TSB Termination Status Block
TSD Type-Specific Driver
TSE The Semware Editor
TSID Transmitting Subscriber Identification [Microsoft]
TSO Time Sharing Option
TSOP Thin Small-Outline Package
TSP Telephony Service Provider
TSR Terminate and Stay Resident
TSS Task State Segment + Time Sharing System
TS/SI Top Secret/Sensitive Information
.TST Test (file name extension)
TSTN Triple Supertwisted Nematic
TSV Tab Separated Values
TT Typewriter Text
TTA Transport-Triggered Architecture
TTCN Tree and Tabular Combined Notation
.TTF TrueType Font (file name extension)
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTP Thermal-Transfer Printing
TTS Text-To-Speech + Transaction Tracking System
TTY Teletype
TUCOWS The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
TUI Text-Based User Interface [WordPerfect]
TUMS Table Update and Management System [Stanford University]
.TUT Tutorial (file name extension)
TVF Table of contents Verbosely from File [UNIX]
TVFS Toronto Virtual File System [IBM]
TVI Television Interference
TVOL Television On-Line
TWAIN Technology Without Any Interesting Name
(connection between application and scanner software)
TWEAKUI Tweak User Interface
TWX Teletypewriter Exchange Service
TXD Transmit Data
.TXF Tax Exchange Format (file name extension)
TXT Text
TXT2STF Text To Structured File [Lotus Agenda]
TZ Time Zone [Unix]
UA User Agent + User Area
UAE Unrecoverable Application Error
UAM User Authentication Method
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UAS User Application Software
UBR Unspecified Bit Rate
.UC2 Compressed File (file name extension) [UltraCompressor]
UCE Unsolicited Commercial Email
UCL Universal Communications Language
UCS Unicode Conversion Support + Universal Character Set +
User Coordinate System
UCT Universal Coordinated Time
UDA Universal Data Access [Microsoft]
UDB Universal Data Base
UDC Universal Decimal Classification + User Defined Commands
UDD User Data Document
UDDI Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
UD-DVD Ultra-Definition Digital Video Disk
UDE Universal Data Exchange
UDEC * Universal Digital Electronic Computer [Burroughs]
UDF Universal Disk Format + User Defined Functions
UDG User Defined Gateway
UDMA Ultra Direct Memory Access
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UDT Uniform Data Transfer + User-Defined Type
UFS Universal\Unix File System
UG User Group
UHCI Universal Host Controller Interface
UHF Ultra-High Frequency
UHL Universal Hypertext Link
UI Unix International + User Interface
UIC User Identification Code
UID User Identifier
UIMS User Interface Management System
UL Underwriters Laboratories +
Unordered List + Upload
ULA Uncommitted Logic Array
ULN Universal Link Negotiation
ULSI Ultra Large Scale Integration
UMA Unified Memory Architecture
UMB Upper Memory Block [LIM/AST]
UML Unified Modeling Language
UMS User Mode Scheduler
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
UNC Universal Naming Convention +
Uuencoded Netnews Collator [Unix]
UNCOL Universal Computed Oriented Language
UNEP Unbundled Network Platform
UNI User-Network Interface
UNICOM Universal Integrated Communication (System)
UNICOS Universal Compiler FORTRAN compatible
UNII Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure
UNIVAC Universal Automatic Computer
UNIX (AT&T Bell Laboratories Operating System)
UNMA Unified Network Management Architecture
UNSPSC Universal Standard Products and Services Classification
UP Uniprocessor
UPC Universal Product/Program Code + User Parameter Control
UPG Upgrade
UPL User Program Language
UPM Unix Programmer's Manual +
User Profile Management [IBM]
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply/System
URC Uniform Resource Characteristics +
Uniform Resource Citation
UREP Unix RSCS Emulation Protocol (protocol)
URI Uniform Resource Identifier
URL Uniform Resource Locator
URN Uniform Resource Name/Number
US Unit Separator
USART Universal Synchronous-Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USB Universal Serial Bus [Intel]
USENET User's Network [Internet]
USERID User Identification
USOC Universal Service Ordering Code
USQ Unsqueezed (files)
USR US Robotics (corporation)
USRT Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USSA User Supported Software Association (United Kingdom)
UT User Terminal
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
UTF Unicode Transformation Format
UTI Universal Text Interchange/Interface
UTP Unshielded Twisted-Pair (cable)
UU Uuencode/Uudecode
UUCP Unix-To-Unix Copy Protocol
UUD UUDecoding [Unix]
UUDECODE Unix-To-Unix Decoding
UUE UUEncoding [Unix]
UUENCODE Unix-To-Unix Encoding
UUI User-To-User Information [AT&T]
UUID Universal Unique Identifier
UV Ultraviolet
UWB Ultra-Wide Band
UWR Ultra Wideband Radio
UXGA Ultra Extended Graphics Array
VA Virtual Address + Visual Age [IBM]
VAD Value Added Dealer
VADD Value Added Disk Driver
VAI Video As Input
VAL Value + Voice Application Language
.VAL Validity Checks (file name extension) [Paradox]
VAM Virtual Access Method
VAN Value Added Network
VAP Value Added Process
VAR Value Added Reseller + Value Added Retailer + Variable
VAST Variable Array Storage Technology
VAX/VMS Virtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System [DEC]
VB Variable Block + Visual Basic [Microsoft]
VBA Visual Basic for Applications [Microsoft]
VBE/AI Vesa Bios Extension/Audio Interface
VBI Vertical Blanking Interval
VBNS Very High Speed Backbone Network Service [MCI + NSF]
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VBRUN Visual Basic Runtime
VBS Visual Basic Script
.VBX Visual Basic Extension (file name extension)
VCC Virtual Channel Connection
VCD Video Compact Disk + Virtual Communications Driver
VCI Virtual Circuit Identifier
VCL Visual Component Library
VCM Virtual Channel Memory
VCN Virtual Cluster Number
VCOS Visual Caching Operating System [AT&T]
VCPI Virtual Control Program Interface
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VDD Virtual Device Driver
VDDM Virtual Device Driver Manager
VDE Video Display Editor + Visual Development Environment
VDI Virtual Device Interface
VDISK Virtual Disk
VDM Virtual DOS Machine [IBM]
VDMAD Virtual Direct Memory Access Device [Microsoft]
VDS Virtual DMA Services
VDT Video Dial Tone + Video Display Terminal
VDU Video Display Unit + Visual Display Unit
VEGA Video-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter [Video-7, Inc.]
VEMM Virtual Expanded Memory Manager
VEMMI Versitile Multimedia Inteface
VER Verify + Version
VERONICA Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-Wide Index to
Computer Archives [Internet]
VERR Verify Read Access
VERW Verify Write Access
VES Video Encoding Standard [Oracle]
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association
VF Virtual Floppy
VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table [Microsoft]
V.FC Version.First Class (communications standard)
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VFW Video For Windows [Microsoft]
VGA Video Graphics Array
VGC Video Graphics Controller
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHF Very-High Frequency
VHS Very High Speed + Video Home System +
Virtual Host Storage
VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VI Visual Interactive (editor) [UNIX]
VIA Virtual Interface Architecture [Intel]
VIE Virtual Information Environment
VIF Virtual Interface + Virtual Interrupt Flag
VIM Vendor Independent Mail +
Vendor Independent Messaging + Video Interface Module
VIO Video Input/Output + Virtual Input/Output
VINES Virtual Networking System [Banyan]
ViP Visual Programming [Lotus]
VIP Variable Information Processing +
Video Information Provider +
Virtual Interrupt Pending +
Visual Interactive Parser
VIPER Verifiable Integrated Processor for
Enhanced Reliability
VIS Video Information System [Tandy] +
Viewable Image Size +
Visual Instruction Set [Sun] +
Voice Information System
VJ HEADER Van Jacobsen Header (compression) [Unix]
VLA Variable-Length Array
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VL-BUS Vesa Local-Bus [VESA]
VLD Variable-Length Decoder
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLINK Visited Link [HTML]
VLIW Very Large Instruction Word
VLM Virtual Loadable Module
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
VLSIPS Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis
VLT Variable List Table
VM Virtual Machine + Virtual Memory
VMA Virtual Memory Address
VMB Virtual Machine Boot
VMD Video Motion Detection
VME Versa Module Eurocard +
Virtual Memory Environment
VML Vector Markup Language [Microsoft]
VMM Virtual Machine/Memory Manager
VMOS Vertical MOS
VMP Virtual Modem Protocol
VMS Virtual Machine Storage + Virtual Memory System +
Voice Message System
VMT Virtual Memory Technique
VNA Virtual Network Architecture
VNOS Visual Network Operating System
VOC Creative Voice (format) [Sound Blaster]
VOD Video On Demand
VOFDM Vector Orthogonal Frequency Division
Multiplexing [Cisco]
VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol
VOL Volume
VOM Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter
VOR Visions Of Reality
VOS Verbal/Voice Operating System + Voice Operated Switch
VP Virtual Path
VPD Virtual Printer Device + Vital Product Data [IBM]
VPDN Virtual Private Data Network
VPDS Virtual Private Data Service [MCI]
VPE Video Port Extensions [Microsoft] +
Visual Programming Environment
VPL Virtual Programming Language
VPM Video Port Manager
VPN Virtual Page Number + Virtual Private Network
VPS Voice Processing System
VPSC Vault, Process, Structure, Configuration
VPT Virtual Print Technology [Dataproducts]
VR Virtual Reality + Voltage Regulated/Regulator
VRAM Video Random Access Memory
VRD Virtual Retinal Display
VRE Voltage Regulated Extended
VRM Vendor Relationship Management + Voltage Regulator Module
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
(originally named Virtual Reality Markup Language)
VROOMM Virtual Real-time Object Oriented
Memory Manager [Borland]
VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
.VRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver (file name extension)
VRT Voltage Regulation Technology [Intel]
VRU Voice Response Unit
VS Virtual Storage
VSAM Video Surveillance and Monitoring +
Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSE Virtual Storage Extended
VSF Vertical Scanning Frequency
VSI Virtual Socket/Switch Interface
VSIO Virtual Serial Input Output
VSM Virtual Shared Memory + Virtual Storage Management +
Visual System Management [IBM]
VSN Volume Serial Number
VSOS Virtual Storage Operating System
VSYNC Vertical Sync
VT Vertical Tab
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method [IBM]
VTNS Virtual Telecommunications Network Service
VTS Volume Tracking Driver
VUI Video User Interface
VUP VAX Unit of Performance
VWB Visual WorkBench [Microsoft]
VWM Virtual Window Manager
VXA Variable-Speed Architecture [Ecrix]
VxD Virtual Extended Driver [Microsoft]
.VXD Virtual Device (file name extension) [Microsoft]
VXML Voice Extensible Markup Language
V&V Verification and Validation
W/ With
W3 (see WWW)
W3A World Wide Web Applets
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
W4 What-Works-With-What
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System
WABI Windows Application Binary Interface [SunSoft]
WAE Wireless Application Environment
WAI Web Accessibility Initiative +
Web Application Interface [Netscape]
WAIS Wide Area Information Server
WAITI Wait-For-Interrupt
WAITS Wide Area Information Transfer System
WAN Wide Area Network
WAP Wireless Application Protocol
WARP Web Service Aggregation, Rely and Propogation
WATS Wide Area Telecommunications Service
.WAV Waveform Audio (file name extension)
WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management
WC Word Count
W-CDMA Wideband CDMA
WCS World Coordinate System
WD-40 Water Displacement-40th Attempt
WDDX Web Distributed Data Exchange
WDL Windows Driver Library [Microsoft]
WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing +
Windows Driver Model [Microsoft]
WDRAM Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory
WEA Web Enabled Application
.WEB Entities Emphasizing the WWW (Domain Name) [Internet]
WEBDAV Web Based Distributed Authoring and Versioning
WEBNFS Web Network File System [Sun]
WEFT Web Embedding Fonts Tool [Microsoft]
WELL Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (BBS)
WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy +
Wireless Encription Protocol
WFM Wired For Management [Intel]
WFQ Weighted Fair Queuing [Cisco]
WFW Windows For Workgroups [Microsoft]
WGS Work Group System
WHAM Waveform Hold and Modify [Microsoft]
WHC Workstation Host Connection
WIB World wIde weB (suggested oral replacement of
nine-syllable 'WWW' using one-syllable 'WIB'
WIFI (Wi-Fi) Wireless Fidelity
WIMP Windows, Icons, Menus and Pulldowns
WIN 9.X Windows95/Windows98
WIN...CE Windows Compact Edition [Microsoft]
WINDBG Windows Debugger [Microsoft]
WINE Windows Emulator
WINForum Wireless Information Networks Forum
WIN...MCE Windows Media Center Edition [Microsoft]
WIN...ME Windows Millennium Edition [Microsoft]
WINS Windows Internet Naming Service [Microsoft]
WIN...SE Windows Second Edition [Microsoft]
WINSOCK Windows Open Systems Architecture [Microsoft] +
Windows Sockets
WINWORD Word For Windows [Microsoft]
WIN...XP Windows The "Experience" [Microsoft]
WISE WordPerfect Information System Environment
WISP Wireless Internet Service Provider
WIT Web Interactive Talk [Internet]
.WKB Workbook (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
.WKE Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
.WKQ Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
.WKS Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
.WKZ Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
.WK1 Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
WL Word Line
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
.WLG Dr. Watson Log (file name extension)
WLL Wireless Local Loop
.WMA Windows Media Audio (file name extension) [Microsoft]
WMC Workflow Management Coalition
.WMF Windows Metafile Format (file name extension) [Microsoft]
WMFSDK Windows Media Format Software Development Kit [Microsoft]
WML Wireless Markup Language
WMP Windows Media Player [Microsoft]
WMRM Write Many, Read Many
WMT Windows Media Technologies [Microsoft]
WNIC Wide-Area Network Interface Co-Processor
WNIM Wide-Area Network Interface Module
W/O Without
WORM Write Once, Read Many
WOS Workstation Operating System
WOSA Windows Open Services/Systems Architecture [Microsoft]
WOW Window On Windows [Microsoft]
WP WordPerfect + Word Processing + Write Protected
.WPD Windows Printer Description (file name extension)
.WPG WordPerfect Graphics (file name extension)
WPHD Write-Protect Hard Disk
.WPK Keyboard (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
WPM Words Per Minute
.WPM Macro (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
WPOS Workplace Operating System
WPS Windows Printing System [Microsoft] +
Workplace Shell [OS2]
WPVM Windows Parallel Virtual Machine
.WQ1 Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
.WQ! Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
WRAM Windows Random Access Memory
WRE Weighted Random Early Detection [Cisco]
.WRI Write (file name extension)
WRK Windows Resource Kit [Microsoft]
WS WordStar + Workstation
WSAPI Web Site Application Program Interface [O'Reilly]
WSDL Web Services Definition/Description Language [IBM/Microsoft]
WSH Windows Scripting Host [Microsoft]
WSP Wireless Session Protocol
WSUI Web Services User Interface
WT Write Through
WTA Wireless Telephony Application
WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security
WTM Wired For Management
WWIS World Wide Information System [Internet]
WWW World-Wide Web [Internet]
WYSBYGI What You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
XA Extended Architecture + Extended Attribute
XACML Extensible Access Control Markup Language
XAPIA X.400 Application Program Interface Association
X2B Hexadecimal to Binary [REXX]
.XBM X-Windows Bitmaps (file name extension) (black and white)
.XPM X-Windows Pixelmaps (file name extension) (color)
X2C Hexadecimal to Character [REXX]
XCHG Exchange
XCMD External Command
XCOPY Extended Copy
X2D Hexadecimal to Decimal [REXX]
XDF Extended Density Format [IBM]
XDR Extended/External Data Representation
XFCN External Function
XFDL Extensible Forms Description Language
XGA Extended Graphics Array [IBM]
XHTML Extensible HyperText Markup Language
XID Exchange Identifier
XIOS Extended Input/Output System
.XLA Add-In (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]
XLAT Translate
XLF Exceptional Fortran [IBM]
.XLK Backup (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]
XLL Extensible Link Language
XLM Excel Macro Language [Microsoft]
.XLT Template (file name extension) [Microsoft-Excel]
XMIT Transmit
XML Extensible Markup Language
XMM Extended Memory Manager [LIM/AST]
XMS Extended Memory Specification [LIM/AST]
XNS Xerox Network System (protocol) [Xerox]
XOFF Transmitter Off
XON Transmitter On
XOR Exclusive OR (Also EOR)
XP Extreme Performance [Compaq]
XPCOM Cross Platform Component Object Model [Mozilla]
XPE XP Embedded (see WIN...XP) [Microsoft]
XPRM Xerox Print Resources Manager [Xerox]
XRNS Extensible Resource Name System
XRT Extensions for Real-Time
XSL Extensible Style Language
XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Transformation
XSMD Extended Storage Module Drive (interface)
XSSI Extended Server Side Includes
XTAL Crystal
XTCLK External Transmit Clock
XUL Extensible User-Interface Language [Netscape]
YAM Yet Another Modem [Omen Technology]
YAHOO Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle [Internet]
Y2K Year 2000
(Y/N)? (Asks for a YES or NO decision)
YTD Year To Date
.z Packed file (file name extension - using Pack/Unpack
program)..lower case z..[Unix]
.Z Compressed file (file name extension - using
Compress/Uncompress program)..upper case Z..[Unix]
ZAK Zero Administration Kit [Microsoft]
ZAW Zero Administration for Windows [Microsoft]
ZBR Zone-Bit Recording [IBM]
Z-CAV Zoned Constant Angular Velocity
ZDL Zero Delay Lockout
ZDS Zenith Data Systems
ZIF Zero-Insertion Force (socket)
ZIP Zigzag In-Line Package +
Zone Improvement Plan (ZIPcode)
.ZIP Compressed File (file name extension) [PKWare]
.ZOO Compressed File (file name extension) [Dhesi]
ZPV Zoomed Port Video [Toshiba]
ZSL Zero Slot LAN
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